IH 32-18 is a Riding Sword

This sword is also a Tinker/Trim hybrid; Angus supplied the heat-treated rough-machined blade and I put my own spin on it and finished it up.

The Marquenched 5160 spring steel blade is 24-1/4′ long and 1-1/2″ wide at the base. The blade is .210″ thick at the base and tapers in thickness to 0.10″ thick 3″ from the point. the blade is tempered to HRc52-54, excepting the shoulder and tang, which are drawn down to HRc45-48. The blade has a robust appleseed edge.

The hilt furniture is mild steel, and the handle is sandwiched Poplar wrapped in #7 linen cord, then covered in green leather.

The sword weighs 1lb.9oz., and the CoG is 2-3/4″ from the guard. The sword is provided with a wood-core scabbard covered in leather.

A ‘Riding Sword’ is a light, often shorter than normal sword worn with civilian clothes, either for self-defense, as an identifier of social status or both. In a sense this is a sword for knife-fighting, as it is not meant to take on fully armed and armored combatants on the battlefield. This sword is in the style of the 14th or 15th C.
Would make a very nice walking around sword for events, and would be well suited to smaller persons or (with proper supervision) as a child’s first real sword.


IH05-18 is an Arming Sword

The 5160 spring steel blade is 30-3/4″ long, 2″ wide at the base and tapers to 1″ wide 5″ from the point. There is a narrow fuller on the face of the blade extending approximately 22″. The blade is Marquenched and tempered to HRc52. The blade is quite rigid, having a sharpened ovate cross-section near the point for delivering strong thrusts.

The guard and pommel are mild steel. The guard is a subtle bow-tie style approx. 6″ wide. The handle is sandwiched Poplar wood wrapped in #7 linen cord and red chrome-tanned leather. The hilt is secured permanently with a 1/2″ long counter-sunk nut.

The sword weighs 2.35lbs., and has a CoG 5″ from the cross.
The sword is provided with a hardwood scabbard covered in brown leather.

This arming sword’s style is appropriate anywhere from the 12th-14thC. It has great blade-presence for powerful cutting and precise thrusts. Presented with a ‘working finish’ this is a sword meant to be used.

This sword has been SOLD.

IH04-18 Belt Knife

This knife has a 5″ selectively-hardened 5160 spring-steel blade. The blade is 1/4″ thick at the base with a full-length distal taper. The blade is ground on a slight convex curve from the spine to the zero-ground cutting edge.

The brass guard is 7/16″ thick and is secured to the tang with silver-solder. The handle is composed of a section of wood and another of antler, separated by brass spacer. The wood section of the handle is stabilized California Buckeye Burl.

The sheath is 6-7 oz. top-grain vegetable-tanned leather dyed brown with Fiebings Oil Dye. The hand-stitching is waxed #7 Linen thread reinforced with black enameled steel rivets. The belt-slots will accommodate belts up to 2″ wide.

A classic hunter in the style of William Scagel, this knife should make an excellent companion on your outdoor adventures. Extremely rigid and sharp without being overly heavy, with an ample handle for a good grip and leverage. The wood of the handle is exceptional and unique, and has been stabilized with acrylic resin to maintain it good looks indefinitely.

Price: SOLD