Falchion in the style of the 13-14C,


The 31″ 5160 spring-steel blade is Marquenched and tempered to HRc53. The blade is 1-7/8″ wide at the base and expands to 2-1/2″ at it’s widest point. The blade is .250″ thick at the base and tapers to .045″ 1″ from the tip. The blade is flat-ground with an appleseed edge. There is a decorative groove approx. 1/4″ from the spine.

The guard and pommel are made from mild steel. The handle is made from sandwiched Poplar wood wrapped in #7 Linen cord and covered in green leather. The hilt is permanently assembled.

The sword weights 3lbs.3oz. The CoG is 5-1/4″ from the cross.

The sword is provided with a wood scabbard-core.

This falchion is in the style of swords from the 13th-14th Century, and it is a BEAST. It’s not light but it handles very well, and it will be a crazy-good cutting sword!

It was also a major PITA to grind… it’s unlikely that I’ll make another anytime soon!

This sword is now sold.