IH 32-18 is a Riding Sword

This sword is also a Tinker/Trim hybrid; Angus supplied the heat-treated rough-machined blade and I put my own spin on it and finished it up.

The Marquenched 5160 spring steel blade is 24-1/4′ long and 1-1/2″ wide at the base. The blade is .210″ thick at the base and tapers in thickness to 0.10″ thick 3″ from the point. the blade is tempered to HRc52-54, excepting the shoulder and tang, which are drawn down to HRc45-48. The blade has a robust appleseed edge.

The hilt furniture is mild steel, and the handle is sandwiched Poplar wrapped in #7 linen cord, then covered in green leather.

The sword weighs 1lb.9oz., and the CoG is 2-3/4″ from the guard. The sword is provided with a wood-core scabbard covered in leather.

A ‘Riding Sword’ is a light, often shorter than normal sword worn with civilian clothes, either for self-defense, as an identifier of social status or both. In a sense this is a sword for knife-fighting, as it is not meant to take on fully armed and armored combatants on the battlefield. This sword is in the style of the 14th or 15th C.
Would make a very nice walking around sword for events, and would be well suited to smaller persons or (with proper supervision) as a child’s first real sword.