IH03-19: Type XII Arming Sword

IH03-19 is an Arming Sword

The Marquenched 5160 spring-steel blade is 2″ wide at the base and 30-3/4″ long. It has a lenticular cross-section, and is fullered on either side for approx. 22-1/2-23″. The blade is .245″ thich at the base of the blade, and tapers in thickness to .122″ approx. 3″ from the point. The point is reinforced for thrusting. The sword is lightly convex-ground to an appleseed edge.

The hilt furniture is sculpted from brass. The handle is poplar wood, wrapped in #7 Linen cord and chrome-tanned green leather. The hilt is permanently mounted.

The sword weighs 2lb.7oz., and the CoG is 5″ from the cross. The sword is provided with a wooden core for a scabbard.

In the style of swords from the 12th-14th century, this stout cut-and-thrust arming sword is agile, but has excellent blade presence.

Asking price is US$1250

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