IH0057-16 Greatsword

ih0047-16a ih0047-16b


The 5160 spring steel blade is 38-78″ long and 2-1/2″ wide at the base. the blade is .337″ thick at the base and tapers to .150″ thick 3″ from the point.

The 8-1/4″ wide guard is forged-to-shape from 1/2″ mild steel and the pommel is also mild steel. The tang has a full-length distal taper from .360″ at the should to 1/4″ at the tip. The handle is 12-5/8″ long, and is made from sandwiched Poplar wrapped in Linen cord and covered in a dark brown leather.┬áThis sword has a dismountable construction, and the hilt is secured by a cylindrical 5mm Allen nut.

The overall length of the sword is 54″ and the weight is 4 pounds. the Center of Gravity is 4-1/4″ from the base of the blade.

The sword will be provided with a wooden scabbard covered in green leather.

This is genuinely a two-handed sword in the style of the 15th C., and is very maneuverable in the hands. The blade has a good point feel for thrusting, but don’t think this sword won’t cut! With its super-rigid blade and ‘appleseed edge’ it might surprise you.