A very Special (used) Longsword

2004-085 is a Very Special Longsword

sparringsword1 sparringsword2

This type XVa’s 5160 spring-steel blade is 35-1/2″ long by 2″ wide at the base. The blade is differentially tempered for added toughness. The sword is a purpose-built demo and sparring sword. OAL of the sword is 45-3/8″, weight is just shy of 3 pounds. COG is 4-1/2 inches from the base of the blade.

The furniture is mild steel. The cross is of hexagonal section with the ends turned down. The handle is sandwiched spruce wood wrapped in linen cord with an acrylic lacquer finish.

The sword is equipped with a black leather scabbard.

So whats special part? Way back when this was my personal sparring sword and was used in countless martial arts demonstrations at Camlann Medieval Faire and other venues as well as in classes.

After we stopped doing Camlann I handed it off to my demo-partner for some theatrical work and just forgot about it. In the succeeding decade it has been featured in a foreign television commercial, been on the TV show ‘Level Up!’ and in the movie ‘Name of the King 2’ as well as numerous theatrical productions.

This sword is very much in used condition; the blade is marked at the spine and edge from sword-cuts and parries. The tip is slightly bent from where I rammed it full-force into a breastplate worn by a 200b. man. That being said I have inspected the sword and it is in safe and useable; it has been maintained in excellent mechanical condition.

The very special part is that my friend heard that I was about to sell my personal longsword due to profound financial problems brought on by my recent injuries. They immediately delivered the sword (which by now I considered theirs if I thought about it at all) and insisted that I sell it rather than my personal blade. It took some convincing, but my wife and friend insisted.

This sword is now sold.