IH12-19 Early Medieval Arming Sword

IH12-19 is an early medieval Arming Sword

The 5160 spring steel blade is Marquenched and tempered to HRc52-54, excepting the shoulder and tang, which are drawn to HRc45-48. The blade is 30-1/8″ long, 1-7/8 inches wide at the base and tapers in profile to 1″ wide approximately 4 inches from the point. It is .225″ thick at the base, and tapers in thickness to .087″ approx. 4″ from the point.

The hilt is 5-5/8″ long. The guard is hand-forged mild steel, the pommel is fabricated from mild steel. The handle is 4-3/16″ long, and is made from sandwiched Poplar wrapped in #7 Linen cord and green chrome-tanned garment leather. The hilt is permanently assembled.

The sword weighs 2lbs.-5oz., and the CoG is 4-1/2″ from the cross. The sword is provided with the wooden core for a scabbard (this is made to be covered in leather or fabric- it is not a finished scabbard)

Swords of this form are generally held to date to the 12th-13th C., and intended as a sidearm for use on the battlefield. Very nice handling sword, with plenty of cutting power.

This sword is now sold.