IH0060-16 Hybrid Combat Knife

IH0060-16 is a Re-imagined Tanto


6-inch long, 1/4″ thick 5160 spring-steel blade is flat ground to an appleseed edge. Cross-section is Shinogi-Zukuri. Blade is selectively hardened and blued.

The handle is 4-13/16″ long. The guard and butt-plate are blued steel, the handle is made of stacked leather washers. The leather has an acrylic finish, so unlike the originals it will be highly resistant to rot and mildew.

The knife will be provided with a traditional military-style scabbard in brown leather reinforced with rivets. The sheath will accommodate belts up to 2″ wide.

The concept is a Japanese Tanto re-imagined as a WW2-era combat knife. This should be an excellent all-arounder for field use.

This knife is now sold.

IH0058 is a Retro-Fighter/Camp Knife

ih0058-16a ih0058-16b

This knife combines William Scagel’s esthetic with the robust construction of WW2 combat knives to produce a unique and efficient fighter or camp knife. The 8″ 5160 spring steel blade is 1/4″ thick at the spine. The blade is convex-ground to a zero-edge, and the false-edge is not sharpened.The handle is made with blued mild-steel furniture and a stacked leather-washer handle. The handle is fully sealed against moisture and will be highly resistant to rot or mildew.┬áThe knife is 13-1/2 inches long overall and balances at the guard.

This item is provided with a double-welted scabbard reinforced by sold brass rivets. The knife is secured┬áby a leather strap with a hand-turned brass ‘Sam Brown’ stud. The sheath will accommodate belts up to 1-1/2 inches wide.

This item is sold.