IH05-18 is an Arming Sword

The 5160 spring steel blade is 30-3/4″ long, 2″ wide at the base and tapers to 1″ wide 5″ from the point. There is a narrow fuller on the face of the blade extending approximately 22″. The blade is Marquenched and tempered to HRc52. The blade is quite rigid, having a sharpened ovate cross-section near the point for delivering strong thrusts.

The guard and pommel are mild steel. The guard is a subtle bow-tie style approx. 6″ wide. The handle is sandwiched Poplar wood wrapped in #7 linen cord and red chrome-tanned leather. The hilt is secured permanently with a 1/2″ long counter-sunk nut.

The sword weighs 2.35lbs., and has a CoG 5″ from the cross.
The sword is provided with a hardwood scabbard covered in brown leather.

This arming sword’s style is appropriate anywhere from the 12th-14thC. It has great blade-presence for powerful cutting and precise thrusts. Presented with a ‘working finish’ this is a sword meant to be used.

This sword has been SOLD.