IH0063-16 Medieval Arming Sword

IH0063-16 is an Arming Sword in the style of the 12th-14th C.

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The 30-1/4″ 5160 spring-steel blade is 2 inches wide at the base. The blade is through-temperedto approximately Rc52, with the base of the blade, shoulder and tang drawn back to Rc44-45.

The hilt is 6-1/2″ overall. The handle is 4″ long, and has a wooden core wrapped in linen thread covered with leather. The leather is treated with an acrylic finish, making it very tough and durable. The guard and pommel are mild steel with a bright finish. The hilt is secured by a recessed cylindrical 1/4-20 thread 5mm Allen-head nut, and may be dismounted for maintenance.

Weight of the sword is 2lb.-7oz. Center of Gravity is 4-3/4″ from the base of the blade.

The scabbard has a Poplar core with a cover of green Chrome-tanned garment leather. It is 31-1/4″ long, 2-1/2″ wide at the top and approximately 9/16″ thick at the throat.

The sword is quite rigid for both cut and thrust. Swords of this type were popular when Mail was the most common form of high-quality armor, so the edge is quite robust to allow for repeated strikes without excessive damage.

In modern usage the term ‘Arming Sword’ refers to a single-hand sword worn as a sidearm in armored combat.


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